A Hero Superintendent in Oklahoma Defies the State, Exempts Two Students from Tests

Would you have done anything different for these children? I’m tired of children being mere numbers.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Donna Dudley, superintendent of Moyers public schools in Oklahoma, made a conscious decision to defy the state.

It should not have been an extraordinary decision because it was what a decent human being would do.

Two of her students suffered a terrible loss the weekend before the state tests. Their parents were killed in a car crash.

Superintendent Dudley asked the state for permission to exempt them from the state tests.

The bureaucrats at the State Education Department said no.

Superintendent Dudley exempted them anyway.

I honor her here as a hero of public education.

The story broke after Superintendent Dudley wrote about it on Facebook and said she was willing for her school to get an F, if that was the consequence of doing what was right for the students.

Once the situation was publicized, the State Superintendent of Instruction, Janet Barresi, quickly apologized.

Mistakes were made.

When the…

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