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This Is What a Lucky Black Cat Looks Like

Yesterday, a friend at the local humane society (a kill shelter), contacted me about a little 5 month old ball of fur who was sneezing. He needed some TLC for his cold he caught there and the shelter just cannot provide that as a result of the quantity of intakes they have. This particular little guy was brought in by his “owner.”

He is so relaxed and calm and loves to give lingering hugs. Hugs I say. Have you ever been hugged by a black cat? These hugs are warm, furry, and sincere. My friend called him Tulley. He is very lucky to get a shot at finding a loving home. Most pets in shelters never get this chance. (Did you know 800 cats are put to sleep in shelters EVERY HOUR?)

Tulley has to stay in my daughter’s room in a crate. The crate is much larger than the one at the shelter so he feels a great deal freer. But because he is a male (I have inside females not yet fixed) and because he is sick, he is being quarantined. He gets so excited when we come in to get snuggles. He doesn’t like his medicine but decides it’s ok as long as he is able to get hugs.

He will be with us for 2 – 4 weeks as he recovers and finds either an adopter or a rescue to take him. If you’ve never fostered a dog or cat for a rescue, why not try it? You can provide love to an animal they may never have experienced. You can give them another shot at life by offering training and patience. And when they find their forever homes, you can rejoice with them.

If you’ve never saved a life, I highly recommend it.


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