Do I Need to Call Your Mommy?

HEAR! HEAR! NCLB and the likes make schools afraid to hold students accountable while holding teachers responsible for everything under the sun. The fact that most parents WANT their kid to be held accountable for their actions (or inaction) seems irrelevant. The minute we start being allowed to fail students who do not meet the rigorous standards we claim to hold dear is the minute we start seeing students get themselves in line with regards to responsibility and maturity. This issue really rubs me raw.

David R. Taylor-Thoughts on Education

In schools across Texas and the United States there is a standing unwritten policy that requires teachers to contact parents regarding concerns about behavior and grades in their classroom. On the surface this looks like a good philosophy, which it is for elementary and middle school students. But I’m beginning to think that it is not an appropriate policy for high school students.

 When I read “School Mission” and “School Vision” statements from various schools and districts, there is a consistent theme: Students are to be college ready or prepared to enter the workforce when they graduate from high school. I am suggesting that the policy of calling a parent of a sixteen-year old that has a part-time job and other responsibilities is counterproductive.

 If the student has a part-time job, then they must answer to their boss if their behavior or work is unsatisfactory. The boss does not call…

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