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What’s for Dinner?

Apparently, the health risks of a diet rich in animal protein has been all over the news lately.

My daughter and I became vegetarians this past June. We never really ate a great quantity of meat in the first place but a friend of mine had suddenly announced his vegetarianism. Surprised, I asked what motivated him. He told me to checkout Forks Over Knives, a documentary on Netflix. We did. What we discovered was exactly what these articles explain. Eating meat is detrimental to our health.

Not only that, but the startling amount of meat our country eats and produces harms the environment and laws fail to ensure ethical treatment of the farm animals being consumed. Additionally, we watched Vegucated. This was a bit more graphic but certainly effective at showing the realities of farm animals.

As homeless pet advocates and animal lovers, we couldn’t support the horrendous treatment of animals any longer. As health-conscious individuals, the logic behind the health benefits could not be denied.

Perhaps you think you’d miss your steak and bacon too much to ever go vegetarian. But what if you limited meat consumption to one meal a day? One meal a week? Could you replace your kids’ chicken nuggets with nuggets from Morning Star or other Vegetarian brands? What about trying out some other really good vegetarian products like the burgers and chicken patties or the corn dogs?

At our house, we make sure we vary our vegetable intakes with lots of interesting foods, trying to eat different fruits and vegetables daily and weekly. We eat a lot of beans, seeds, fruits, weeds, greens, and nuts — all cancer-fighting powerhouses.

We’ve all heard how parking further away and taking the stairs are small steps toward being healthier. A thirty minute daily walk delivers huge health gains. Remember, all small changes in your choices can add up to a healthier or more diseased future. Your future you will thank you for taking steps int he right direction.

So, what’s for dinner?


2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. Good post! We watched Forks over Knives also–frightening, isn’t it?–but haven’t become vegetarian, let alone vegan. I have pretty much given up meat for myself but still cook it for my family, although I’m cutting way back on that also. Even cutting back helps, right?

    Pizza for dinner tonight–vegetarian pizza. 🙂

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