Three Cheers for The Good Grade Fairy

Some people doubt his existence. Some deny that such a being could be in so many places at once. I’m here to tell you that he is everywhere

Yes, the whispers are true. The Good Grade Fairy merrily dances across grade books in your local public school on a daily basis. He brings with him an abundance of points for daily grades, points for test grades, and even points for marking period grades and semester averages. These points he gives are awarded to the laziest students, though sometimes to students who are trying very hard but still cannot perform the tasks given, and even students who compete in events for the school. He even makes it to colleges.

He is at work on a Sunday night before grades are due, tirelessly whittling away at failure rates. When a teacher has tried all they can to motivate a child to pass, through encouragement, through parent phone calls and emails, through academic referrals, and through failing daily grades, the Good Grade Fairy flies in and ensures that the poor bedraggled little darling will still be able to participate in school events, self-esteem intact.

Why should such a wee-little dude in tights with wings care so much about ensuring that so many undeserving students pass their classes? Because without him, schools might have to address the gap between rigorous expectations and students’ lack of motivation and perseverance. This would mean schools might not meet a legislature’s demands to demonstrate (on paper) their success with students. And if THAT happens, then school administrators might have to to revise policies meant to reduce administrative paperwork. And most of all, students and parents might have to accept the blame for below-average performance.

The Good Grade Fairy, in all his dudely splendor, keeps the blame squarely on teacher’s shoulders (“She’s passing all her other classes, why is your class the only one she’s not passing?!”) and helps students to maintain lackluster performances. A high school diploma CAN be achieved by all — just like straight As. After all, if students don’t want to try and instead reject a quality education with all its values, we at least can rely on The Good Grade Fairy to give the semblance of success.

Now if only he could work some magic on those ACT and SAT scores…


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