If Half of Your Students Failed a Test….

This is exactly what our state representatives need to hear. The test is poorly written and asks questions illogically at times. If you’re you’d like to find out for yourself, you can print and take a previous year’s test here: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/staar/testquestions/

Scroll down for the Freshman and Sophomore writing and reading tests. I especially dislike the way they prompt expository writing.

David R. Taylor-Thoughts on Education

Then the campus administration would say that you did not provide adequate instruction. If the half the district failed the same test, then they would say it is an instructional matter still. If half the state fails a test, then it is still poor instruction.

 Here is a novel idea; maybe it is just possibly a “BAD TEST”. There are times as teachers that we write a test that is just bad and the students do poorly. We may teach the objective one way and then test another way and students are not able to connect the two styles.

 I believe that the new English I and English 2 End of Course STAAR Tests fall under this category. They have completely changed the style of writing that is expected from students that have not had adequate time to adjust to the requirements.

 According the 2012-13 School Report Card in the…

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