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Switch to Evapes. Do it.


Traditional cigarettes just stink.

My partner is a smoker and has been for about 20 years. He has been smoking about 1 pack a day. Obviously, this is a huge financial burden, but even more of a burden to his health. Otherwise, he is fit, energetic, and healthy. After all, this is the Staff Sergeant who makes it a point to out-perform everyone on all of his PT tests, especially the 18 year olds PFCs.Image

This Christmas, my brother bought the absolute most thoughtful and beneficial gift he could have ever chosen for him. He bought him an Evape cigarette system.After much research and careful planning, my brother discovered that not only is this electronic cigarette system unbelievably healthier than traditional cigarettes, but it is less expensive to enjoy, and provides the wherewithal to cease smoking permanently.

The modern Evape cigarettes are a method of delivering nicotine, the most addictive part of a cigarette, though water vapor instead of lung-decaying, tar-laden clouds of disgusting smoke. (You can tell I’ve never been a fan of cigarettes or their smell.) The nicotine, though still considered a likely carcinogen, is delivered in MUCH smaller doses than a cigarette. Moreover, the fluids that fill the cigarettes come in nicotine amounts that can be gradually lowered. An Evape smoker may choose a nicotine level of 24, 18, 16, or even none at all.

The initial set-up for the system might seem pricey. But really, we are spending only a small percentage on the fluids now compared to packs before. Some small maintenance of the device is required, like occasional new wicks and maybe replacing something that has broken, but the rechargeable system is the way to go. He has two so he always has one charged. With military precision and regularity, he cleans and cares for his cigarettes and always has them on hand.  Always.  ( In fact, I jokingly refer to it as his pacifier.)

Because design allows him to solve the “what do I do with my hands?” issue many quitters experience, he never seems jittery or anxious. And since it makes water vapor, not smoke, he has been able to use it everywhere, unimpeded. He can enjoy smoking in any restaurant, in the car, or even next to me on the couch.  He is getting all of the benefits of quitting – better sense of taste and smell, no more stinky clothes, and healthier lungs – without the awful two weeks or more of withdrawal symptoms. ImageSampling the different “flavors” of vapor has been fun for both us as we shop for new ones each month. He has such a sweet tooth, getting to “vape” all day on flavors like “Apple Pie,” “Pink Champagne,” and “Vanilla Cupcakes” has increased his enjoyment.

If anyone is considering an Evape cigarette to cease smoking, I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you love a smoker, consider getting this system as a gift.


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